• For anyone who is interested in becoming involved with an M&A transaction—whether as the buyer or the seller—it is important to assemble a team of advisors that will assist in the process. The advisory team should consist of an M&A intermediary, an accountant, and a lawyer. These advisors can provide a balance of knowledge from a business brokerage standpoint, a financial standpoint, and a legal standpoint, all of which are necessary to the completion of a successful deal. This article explains why hiring a lawyer for M&A is part of a larger team for success.

  • Buying or selling a business is a complicated endeavor that many people prefer not to venture upon without a professional guide. Buyers and sellers who utilize an M&A intermediary are able to maximize the value of their deal and complete it successfully. An M&A advisor oversees the entire course of buying or selling a business and acts as a financial advisor through each step of the process. The intermediary will ensure that those new to buying or selling a business are not taken advantage of due to a lack of experience. 
    The following is a list of questions to ask during the hiring process so that one may determine which intermediary to hire.

  • Even if a business sale is not within a small business owner’s foreseeable future, it is still of great importance to create an exit plan. With a strong exit strategy in place, the business owner will be able to more seamlessly sell the company to a new owner when the time comes. It is also beneficial in the event that something unexpected occurs. An exit strategy assists in creating heightened business value when these tactics are implemented. Should an attempt at selling the business be unsuccessful, not only will there be a huge loss of profits, but loss of personal wealth as well, since most small business owners have a majority of their money tied up in their business. The following guide illustrates how to create an exit plan that will prepare for a business sale as well as improve the overall health of the company.