Time To Expand Your Company With Mergers Or Acquisitions?

Time To Find A Buyer? We Can Help.

George & Company is one of New England’s top intermediary firms for mergers and acquisitions. With over 30 years of experience, our reputation for skillfully executing organized and timely mergers and acquisitions is one you can trust. Regardless of the size of your business transaction, you can rely on George & Company to assist you in facilitating the most financially beneficial arrangement possible.

As your partner in what may be one of the largest financial transactions of your life or career, you need to know that the process will be a smooth and flawless one. With George & Company, you can expect impeccable attention to detail and the utmost care for confidentiality.

Our team of expert intermediaries will be happy to assist you in:

  • Clarifying variables, risks, and benefits involved in each decision.
  • Coordinating marketing through direct-calling campaigns, personal contacts, and other forms of promotion.
  • Adequately valuating any business involved in a possible transaction so you know the history and present condition of a business before a merge or acquisition.
  • Providing a due diligence service that ensures an easy transition with minimized business interruption.

We also handle divestitures

Sometimes in business, you need to discontinue investing in an asset or other business entity to secure financial success of the entity.  The most reasonable way to discontinue your investment is through the process of divestments or divestitures.

George and Company is your partner for divestitures and we can help you carefully navigate the process to ensure a smooth, complication-free process that will leave both you and the entity in the most ideal situation possible.  When you discover an asset or investment that you don’t find favorable, or perhaps is no longer part of your core operations or values, we can help you reduce or eliminate your involvement with ease.

When an asset doesn’t create enough profit or costs too much to produce, divestitures are a logical option.  George and Company is your best option, as we are highly experienced in this area of business, and can help you exit that investment swiftly and successfully.