Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank you for all your hard work selling our business.


George & Company came highly recommended to sell our specialized business and did not disappoint.


Phil Dotten and Chip Emerson took the time to learn about our business. They proved to be very knowledgeable and patient throughout the process - and available.


The entire experience was complicated, yet they were able to clearly explain the nuances and effects to a layperson.


Their creative ideas and connections are what ultimately attracted the right buyer. I felt they were always working for the seller's interest and highly recommend them to others.


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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

When I first thought about selling Yankee Mattress Company, I knew it was a long shot... My longtime accountant recommended working with a business broker, strongly advocating for one broker in particular: Ron Ekstrom at George & Company.... This was the start of a very fruitful partnership.


Ron proved to me that he understood what I was looking for. He took the time to walk me through the process and the expected valuation. He asked me hard questions that prepared me for due diligence, and he took great care in explaining the details of the different offers, as well as providing his honest assessment of the pros and cons of each.


Thanks to Ron's valuable perspective, I ended up going a route I hadn't even considered when I first put the business up for sale... my broker helped me understand my options and lay it out in clear terms. With his help, I was able to see that this was the best path forward for myself, my business, and my employees. Ron's willingness to roll up his sleeves and get into the details of numbers, timelines, and assets made an enormous difference. The due diligence process was very thorough, and having a broker who truly understood the nature of the business was more important than I even expected. I leaned on him in those moments and he always came through for me.


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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

Doug Pendleton successfully brokered the sale of my 25-person machine products manufacturing company in Acton, Massachusetts. My relationship with Doug began after having numerous, unfruitful dealings with other brokers over the course of several years.


Working with Doug was completely different from past experiences, in a very positive and refreshing way... In what can be an overwhelming and stressful process, he was masterful at keeping me focused, grounded, and sane.


I highly recommend Doug Pendleton and encourage you to seriously consider working with him.


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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

We'd built our retirement home down south and had a deadline for when we'd plan to move. The only problem was, I had been trying to sell the Metal Fabrication business on my own. It was not going well... That's when my CPA recommended Doug Pendleton at George & Company. Doug came in, he helped package my business and presented it to the Buyers on the George & Company data base. Within a few weeks we had multiple offers... I will credit Doug for helping me to pick the right buyer. It was cirtical. I am enjoying my retirement and I want to thank Doug for assisting me throughout the process of selling my business. 


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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

It is the start of my 11th week as President & CEO/Owner of my business, and as I write this letter, I could not be happier than to recommend George & Company to anyone considering purchasing their own business...

I would use your company again in a heartbeat to purchase another business! Thank you!


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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

What can I say about Ed Roach?  Well, actually quite a bit.

Ed always answered every question and never got impatient with us as we slowly moved from considering the deal to making an offer, through obtaining financing, hiring an attorney, completing contracts, due diligence and finally purchase. He never once made me feel like I was asking too much of him with all my requests, questions or pleas for assistance. 

He did much more than just his job getting our deal to completion.  He acted with great integrity and personality.  I never EVER felt I was dealing with someone trying to get through the deal just for a commission, but rather someone who was genuinely interested in the business and seeing that it was purchased by people who would make the most of it.

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Former Preident of ech Fab and now retired, Wayne

I am writing to you to thank you for the wonderful job you did selling my business. Ed Roach was a true professional through the complete process. Ed researched what we did as a company and marketed the business in a way that drew a quick response. Ed also protected vital company information until he had a firm commitment for the purchaser. Ed guided us with the whole process until the sale was complete.


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Don Peloquin, Open Sesame Inc.

I am extremely pleased that I choose Ron Ekstrom at George & Co. to represent me to market my business for sale. Though my business was local, I resided in Florida, so all communications were via phone and email. Ron was very thorough in explaining the process of selling a business, and that process begins with a valuation so that both sides had a clear picture as it related to value and expectations.


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Todd Leduc, Affordable Building & Weatherization

Jeff Lefebvre was very dedicated to selling my business, and very willing to do what it took to learn more about the software industry. He took on a major challenge with my business, as he needed to learn both about the software industry as well as the niche market that I was in, and while my sales and profit were high, I had no employees aside from myself, and no
infrastructure to speak of.  He had to convince potential buyers that the business would be able to survive without me, if necessary.

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Scott Perry, Seller

Dear Chip,


I want to thank you for all you have done for me in selling my business.


I wanted to thank you with a little"testimonial" if you will. I found myself reliving so many moments over the last year working with you. I kept getting teary-eyed. There is so much I want to say. I've cut it down to this. You are a person of high ethical, moral, and professional standards which were reflected in every detail of your work. That along with your marketing knowledge and reach as well a wonderful sense of humor got the job done. Your expertise, laser focus, attention to detail, empathy and what felt like absolute dedication to me this last year has led to such an amazing conclusion. I am able to retire. At no time did you minimize the value of my business for a quick sale. You believe in my business the way I believed in my business.


Chip, you and your team at George and Company made it possible for me to realize the rewards of 50 years of hard work. I am able to retire in a way that I had didn't dare to dream was possible. Yo are so much more than a Commercial Broker or a person who "peddled" my business. I consider you a friend. I speak for Fran as well when I say, "Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


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Nancy Besardi, Seller

Dear Doug,

It has been a pleasure working on you on our recent transaction. You represented the sellers in this transaction and one of their objectives was to remain working in the business after the sale. The personality fit between buyer and seller was as important as the financial consideration. You matched us up perfectly. Our business is thriving and we thoroughly enjoy working with each other. Both sides of this transaction valued your advice and expertise as we worked through both the strategic decisions and the tactical minutia to execute the deal. At one point, we had five different attorneys working on the real estate portion of the deal, which could have been a major roadblock to closing. You were instrumental in helping us work through the issues and come to a satisfactory outcome for all parties. We look forward to working with you again in the next phase of our business plan as we acquire and integrate additional businesses into our company. We would highly recommend your brokering skills to any potential buyer or seller. Thanks again for your advice and assistance! 

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Nate Cosper, Buyer and Marco Gabrielli, Seller

As a seller of software to large enterprise customers, we required a business broker that understood the type of buyer for a business like ours. We interviewed several business brokers before deciding to work with George & Company, specifically Ron Kirwood, in the sale of our business. George & Company identified several prospective buyers and vetted them for fit with our expected buyer profile. When the field was narrowed to the final buyer, Ron Kirwood managed the process and handled the difficult terms in the final negotiations, insulating us from the contentious items. We ended up with a successful exit.

George & Company was professional and demonstrated a clear grasp of the sale process and an intuitive sense in business negotiations. They were responsive and added many intangibles, that are difficult for me to describe, to the process. On top of that, they were a pleasure to work with.

Jeff Lavin, CEO, LogMatrix

I would like to thank you, as my broker, for the outstanding job you did in selling my business, Northeast Cases, in record time. You handled the transition for me very smoothly and professionally, and guided me with ease along the way from start to finish.


I will highly recommend you, Chip and George and Company for the outstanding work and professionalism in selling my business.


Paul Giadina, President, Northeast Cases

In May of 2015, Doug Pendleton successfully brokered the sale of my 25-person machined products manufacturing company in Acton MA.  My relationship with Doug began after having numerous, unfruitful dealings with other brokers over the course of several years.


Working with Doug was completely different from past experiences, in a very positive and refreshing way.  Doug is highly motivated and he always focused on meeting and exceeding my goals.  His experience, resources, and skill at resolving the constant stream of issues and questions, as well as offering expert advice, viable alternatives, and solutions was impressive and invaluable.  He has an innate ability to read, understand, and helpfully manage the personalities and quirks of everyone involved.  Doug takes the entire process and the personal relationship with his clients, very seriously. In what can be an overwhelming and stressful process, he was masterful at keeping me focused and grounded and sane.


I highly recommend Doug Pendleton and encourage you to seriously consider working with him.


John Higgins, Glen, NH

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for all you help in selling our business. From the time we started working together It always felt like we were a team with the same goals. Our business didn’t fit the typical business model and your understanding and suggestions made the sale happen. I wish you luck going forward and please let me know if you ever need a reference.


Ron Jones

I just wanted to let you know how happy both Karen and I were with your services. You are a true gentleman and a complete pleasure to work with. Selling our business was a lot more complicated and time consuming than we had ever expected, but you were there every step of the way for us. Your professional guidance was integral in helping us all move through the challenges of the sale. We were extremely happy with your services and would highly recommend you to any company looking for that expert assistance in selling their business. As you know, we did not have a good experience with our previous brokerage firm. You and your firm exceeded our expectations, which is not an easy task! We’d like to express to you our deep appreciation for assisting us in making our goals of retirement a reality.

Scott Bradley, President, Mainline Heating & Supply, Inc.

When we first ventured out on this deal, my initial impression was that you were hired as the broker to represent the seller’s interests only, which of course you have done in a stellar manner. What I have also learned to recognize, is that your role has been much more aligned with getting a “fair business transaction” completed. What I mean by this is that you have inserted yourself into the entire process as the “total business broker”, facilitating dialogue between buyer and seller, providing objective guidance to both parties, ensuring emotions were kept in check by coaching each side, exposing key areas to be considered and addressed, offering advice on how to best approach difficult situations, etc. Ultimately, you are coaching us both thru the process of executing a transaction wherein both parties can agree that the deal is a win for all involved. Yes Doug, even for you, as you worked countless hours to make this deal happen and deserve a fair commission check.


I am personally grateful for your assistance, as this is my first independent small business purchase. You have shared with me your own personal business experiences, have educated me on the seller/buyer process, have acted as a sounding board as we structured the offer, have firmly told me where I may be misinterpreting things and have always offered sound advice to help guide the way forward. You’ve even gone as far are introducing and promoting me by providing character reference to your banking contacts to enable my business financing needs.


Michael Wytenus, President, Mainline Energy Systems Inc.

There is no question that George and Company was a well thought out choice on our part. We appreciate the fact that all dealings with you and your company have been very professional with well thought out strategies. You have presented our company to the marketplace in a manner that has produced quality buyers that will no doubt come to a beneficial conclusion for all involved. Thank you again for your service. Please do not hesitate to call if we can be of any other assistance.


Ralph Coppola Jr.

I am most happy in the professional manner in which you have conducted business with me with respect to PCNE, INC. and the sale of said company. The attention to detail and advice given were very comforting in this day and age. Be assured that we appreciate your concerns and the relentless pursuit of a profitable and successful conclusion to our business arrangement. If at any time you’d like to use me as a reference in your professional endeavors, I could only give you the highest accolades. If I can be of assistance at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Al Paglia, President PCNE, INC.

When I was ready to expand our agency’s capabilities and market share I called Chris George.  His expertise and knowledge of the New England business climate at the time I was looking was instrumental in finding the company with the “right fit” for us to acquire. Throughout the entire process I always felt that Chris was the trusted partner I needed to accomplish my goal of growth.


Warren Palley, Palley Advertising

I recently completed the sale of my business, Mulligan’s Miniature Golf, in Sterling, MA. For the listing, I engaged George & Company, and specifically Doug Pendleton to find potential buyers from their vast network of entrepreneurs.


I was immediately impressed with their thorough methodology of assessing my company’s value, finding the right angle in which to market it, and bringing potential buyers to the table. Being a highly niche type business, I assumed it would take a very long time to find even one potential buyer, but within a few weeks of listing Doug had several promising leads.


Doug’s commitment to the closing of the deal didn’t end when he introduced us to the interested parties. He continued to monitor and facilitate the transaction process from beginning to end. He worked with us on structuring a deal that made sense for all parties, kept us all informed throughout the process, and helped calm a sometimes nervous buyer.


Doug’s professionalism, honesty, and tenacity to get the deal done were all important factors to a very successful conclusion. I would recommend without reserve working with George & Company to anybody looking to buy or sell a business.


Richard F. Lussier, Mulligan's Miniature Golf

Chris helped us purchased Creative Catering back in 1988. We would not have been able to accomplish what we did without his services. He is extremely knowledgable and an expert in his field. You can always count on Chris to look out for your best interest. His outgoing personality makes him a joy to work with. I highly recommend Chris George and his company.


Louise Curelop, Owner of Creative Catering

I’ve known Chris George for 9+ years since my joining New England Business Brokers Association (NEBBA) as a new member to the profession. Chris has a very strong reputation for being ethical and effective when representing clients. Chris has given back to the profession by serving in the past as President and a Member of the Board of NEBBA. He has built a strong company that has multiple agents who provide professional intermediary and appraisal services to the small business owner. Chris is frequently called upon to testify in court as an expert witness regarding the value of businesses.


Harry Mink, Past President at New England Business Brokers Association

Chris and his staff made the business transactions on which we both have worked some of the easiest in my experience. The tireless dedication to not only getting the deal to close, but to have all of the parties be fully informed of all useful information. Chris goes above and beyond the call, whether you need an appraisal of your business or are buying or selling a business. To put it simply, there is no one better!

Brett Malofsky, Sole Proprietor at Brett L Malofsky, Attorney At Law

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris since I started my career with the March Group. Chris brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the work space, consistently exceeding expectations, to the mutual benefit of all parties involved. I recommend his work to anyone looking for assistance in the field of M&A and beyond. Please take a moment to view his profile, visit his websites and see how he can help you to meet your goals going forward.

Kristin Elisabeth Rublaitus, Internet Marketing Consultant

Chris is a great professional with over two decades of experience in his industry. He knows the ins and outs of the mergers and acquisitions business extremely well. Chris has worked on many deals from small family businesses to very large deals. He is also a great person, a straight shooter who speaks his mind and a real pleasure to work with.

Bruce Fenton, Managing Director, Atlantic Financial Inc., Emerging Markets / MENA Investment Advisor

I have worked closely with Chris on several occasions. I have used him as a valuation expert (he valued a professional practice) in a divorce case and have worked with him to help clients both buying and selling businesses. His reputation and knowledge are unequaled in this area.

Barbara S. Liftman, Attorney, Law Office of Barbara S. Liftman

Chris has a deep and intimate knowledge of his field and his employees share his wisdom. Chris is very easy to work with and a pleasure to collaborate with.

Laura DiBenedetto, Internet Marketing Expert… I Create RESULTS.

Chris is a very successful Business Broker. He served as president of the New England Business Brokers Association when I was a board member. He always handles himself in a professional manner. He is knowledgeable and detail oriented. Chris normally takes the initiative when an issue arises. He is held in high esteem by his peers.

Joe Squizzero, Principal at Squizzero & Associates

We hired George & Company to appraise our real estate company in Boston, MA and we couldn’t be happier! They were easy to work with, knowledgeable, professional, responsive and friendly.

Jordan Bray, Century 21 Cityside