Strategic Business Sales and Acquisitions

Lower Middle Market Brokerage – M&A

George & Company's successful transaction experience includes expert representation in the sale or merger with strategic buyers, financial buyers, private investment groups and publicly traded companies. Our M&A process provides experience in complex deal structure negotiations and complete and professional client services including valuations, confidential client marketing, and targeted buyer searches uniquely designed to meet your goals.


We utilize a system designed to provide clarity and confidence throughout the acquisition process. Our client services team prepares the business information in a clear and concise manner. Buyers can be confident that the marketing material presented to them will be informative and provide a clear and concise view of the acquisition candidate they are reviewing. This is critical in delivering you top value for your company.

Choosing to represent a client involves evaluating all aspects that drive value in the company such as; breadth of buyers in the market, condition of the client company's finances, whether sales are growing or shrinking, profitability and whether there are intangibles that can drive value. Additionally, we produce Confidential Information Memorandums (CIMs), conduct industry research, target buyer identification, financial analysis, deal structuring and marketing implementation.

We coordinate communication between your other advisors, such as your attorney and accountant, as well as the communications that are so critical between the advisors of both teams - the buyer and you, our client. We invest significant time in discussing strategy at every step along the way to maximize our negotiating efforts to deliver you top value for your company.


Various questions we go through include:

  • Who on our team should be on a particular call with the acquiring party during the next conversation?
  • What will be brought up in that call?
  • Who should say what?
  • What are the "hot buttons" of the buyer? 
  • Have we discussed all the "what if" scenarios that may play out in a particular negotiation?


All of these things and more are immensely critical in using market dynamics to deliver you top value for your company.

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