Planning the Exit from Your Business

Exit Strategy Planning with George & Company

George & Company provides exit planning services to business owners of privately held lower middle market and upper main street companies. Our team of advisors have well-over 200 years of business transition and transaction experience and include past business owners who have transitioned 100% or a percentage of their businesses.


Exit Strategy and Transition Planning

Transferring the ownership of a business can be a complex and emotional situation. Our team of business brokers and transition advisors can work with you and other owners and stakeholders to craft effective solutions that consider the full range of tax, estate and operational issues involved. Every business has a life cycle and eventually, as an owner, you will be faced with answering the question, "What's next?” Your current and future decisions should be guided by facts and objectivity.

George & Company’s Transition Advisors provide the impartial, strategic guidance needed to help make the best choices for you and your business. Our time-tested approach is to not only understand owner readiness, it also includes business readiness, as well.

Every transition plan is individualized and designed to provide owners with substantiated information and clear paths to enable making informed decisions including, but not limited to; when to transition the business, whom to transition to, when to enter the next chapters of life after business ownership and on their own terms! Once an exit strategy plan commitment is underway, it will assist owners decide whether they should go after short, medium or long term income, operations, or other projects to prepare the business for their transition of leadership. If an owner intends to exit within the next few months, he/she can focus on efforts or activities that bring in cash quickly. If an owner wants to remain in business for the next couple of years, they might focus their efforts on semi long-term growth projects and activities.

Exit Strategy and Transition Plan Benefits

The following are just a few benefits of a well thought out and executed transition plan:

  • You will decide whom to transfer your business to.
  • You will control the timing and how you ultimately exit the business.
  • You will initiate a tax strategy that maximizes future wealth.
  • You will achieve transitional value you deserve in accordance with your wealth objectives.
  • You will create the opportunity for a business legacy and create certainty for key loyal employees and stakeholders.
  • Your family will have peace of mind knowing in advance a formal transitioning plan is in place.
  • You can rest assured that your trusted advisors have been part of positioning your future.

George & Company’s time-tested and collaborative value-added, and team-approach transition advisory services will guide you through the process and will enable you to do the work you do best – building your business.

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