Recent Passage of the of the CARES Act for 2021 Brings Significant Incentives and Opportunities for Sellers and Buyers

We’re here to help you with buying a business

For more than 30 years, our team has worked with buyers during every step of the process for a successful business acquisition. Our vast experience as certified business appraisers, intermediaries, advisors, and financial experts allow us to offer an extensive range of large or small business brokerage services.

There are many aspects to buying a business including:

  • Business searches
  • Qualifying potential sellers
  • Appraisal/valuation services
  • Offers, IOIs and LOIs
  • Range values & Industry Value Dynamics
  • Negotiating the deal
  • Finance options
  • Deal structure
  • Non-compete and allocation of purchase price
  • Taxation issues
  • Due diligence
  • Coordination of tax, legal and estate experts
  • Mine sweeping to keep the deal on track
  • Pre-close process
  • Closing
  • Post-close issues

The Value of Buy-Side Representation

When first-time business buyers search the market for new merger or acquisition opportunities, oftentimes, they only see a fraction of actual businesses listed. The reason behind this omission is due to a large number of well-known businesses residing solely in the “hidden market”; meaning they will not list their company “for sale” due to reasons of confidentiality and reputation. Many of these hidden opportunities are viable and often more valuable, but only M&A intermediaries and business brokers have access to these offerings.


Buy-side representation can be beneficial to business buyers because of the professional experience critical for a successful M&A deal. By engaging an intermediary in the search process and deal negotiation, the buyer opens a new door of opportunities that would not have otherwise have been available to him or her. Whether the buyer has never before purchased a business, or frequently invests in private equity, buy-side representation helps the M&A process to run smoothly and effectively. Unlike the buy-side engagements used in real estate, buy-side representation directed by M&A intermediaries and investment bankers exclusively represents the buyer’s part of the deal.


Business buyers may be concerned with the cost of buy-side representation, but in the end, many have found that the financial and intellectual advantage that an M&A intermediary gives them proves priceless.

Business Underwriting Procedures

Business underwriting refers to several different procedures depending on where and what business is being conducted. If a person goes to a bank or a private lender, underwriting refers to the detailed credit analysis and risk assessment performed before granting a loan, insurance, mortgage, equity capital, etc. The credit analysis would be conducted based on the borrower’s credit information including variables like salary, employment history, financial statements, credit history, lender evaluations, etc.


Business underwriting can also refer to the purchase of corporate bonds or government securities and can be termed security underwriting, insurance underwriting, forensic underwriting, or real estate underwriting. Each refers to a similar process of assessing a borrower’s risk or potential to receive or pay for a loan, security bond, real estate, insurance


George & Company can untangle the often complicated process of underwriting and make sure that your bank or lender has the proper information and documents to conduct a thorough credit analysis and risk assessment of your business. George & Company  will work with you and your lenders to ensure that whether you are selling your business, developing your business, or purchasing a business you get the financial support you need and deserve.

License Transfers and Permitting

George & Company is expert at preparing documents that are necessary in the transfer of liquor, lottery, franchise, license agreements, banking commission and other local, state and federal licenses and permits. Our team oversees these services and aids buyers, sellers, attorneys, banks etc. in these transfers. We possess unique contacts with the heads of various agencies to expedite these transfers that can oftentimes get lost in the red tape of government and industry when buying a business.