Recent Passage of the of the CARES Act for 2021 Brings Significant Incentives and Opportunities for Sellers and Buyers

Company Overview

At George & Company, we provide Business Brokerage services for small and middle-market companies as well as business appraisal and financing services to round out the complete business sales experience. Additionally, we act as a Mergers & Acquisitions Intermediary for larger deals. We help businesses of all sizes find what they are looking for, be it a buyer, seller, acquisition, or their own value.

Our Mission Statement

In most cases, George & Company, as a Business Brokerage corporation, owes a fiduciary duty to the seller company. This duty is to bring our client’s company the highest price the market will bear, under the most favorable terms. This stated, consideration to the buyer is with regard to consummating a transaction that has both parties leaving the closing table satisfied. This mission has been accomplished hundreds of times over the past nearly forty years. Learn more about Buying a Business or Selling a Business with us.

Company Background

Today, known simply as George & Company, our business is the result of the unification of two companies: George & Company, an M&A Intermediary; and Central Business Brokers, a small middle-market business brokerage. Both were founded and later combined by CEO and President, Christopher George.


Central Business Brokers was formed (quite by accident) in the late 1970s, in order to aid small businesses with their transition in Worcester, Massachusetts. Chris George felt there was a better way, having owned and sold 16 companies of his own and then utilizing the services of other business brokers. “When you have been on both sides of the closing table, you gain a new perspective,” says George.


As a result, this new perspective to business sales has been enormously successful. Starting with a partner who knew little about business opportunities, but was president of the local Board of Realtors, we learned the importance of this cooperative. Thereupon, it was required that all associates be licensed as real estate brokers and/or stock brokers. While this requirement is far beyond the regulations of the Massachusetts Board of Registration, it has attracted a greatly skilled and professional staff to the firm.


The company continued to grow, serving business throughout the Central Massachusetts area. In the 1980s, George’s large-scale M&A firm, George & Company, was engaged to represent a multi-billion dollar publicly traded company in the sale of its manufacturing division. This experience provided a great start in mergers and acquisitions in the middle-market arena. While we have not forgotten our roots in the sale of Main Street businesses, we are proud to have recently completed a transaction where the final selling price negotiated by George & Company was $36 million in cash!


Now as a single company, George & Company provides comprehensive services for your business, regardless of its size or needs.

People are what make this great world turn. Crunching numbers and analyzing a myriad of information are all part of what it takes to be involved in the complexity of mergers, acquisitions and business sales. One thing we’ve learned over the past thirty five years of business acquisition, ownership and sale is that a good deal does not happen without people working to a common goal.


My goal is to continue along the path of finding ways to make win-win deals as a Business Broker. Yes, this can be much more work than just selling a business for whatever the first buyer might pay, but the long term results are both self-satisfying and insure a steady stream of referrals. Please allow George and Company the opportunity to be your broker/intermediary in what just might be the most important thing you have ever done in your life.


- Christopher R. George, President & CEO of George and Company