The 6 Types of M&A Personalities: Part Three

While there are varying types of personalities surrounding an M&A deal, they are not all negative. Some might work to your advantage. For example, perhaps having the Close Examining Negotiator might work for you if the buyer or seller has not been entirely honest with you. 

5. The First-timer

With little to no experience, this person is determined to do everything the textbook way. Often this will cause him to lose sight of what is most important: listening to the needs of his client.

6. The Professional

Years of experience, a vast background in dealing with multiple clients, and a large commitment to your needs, this individual is the best to work with. He or she will enter an M&A negotiation with confidence and will often leave emotions at the door. The main goal of this person is to close an M&A deal on terms that are beneficial for both parties.


Hiring a professional M&A intermediary will help you achieve a successful deal and get you the most for your dollar. At George and Company, we have a staff that has years of experience in the M&A field.

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