A teaser is a document created with the intent to give the buyer just enough information to entice him or her to learn more about a potential company. Most of the time, the teaser is an anonymous document created by the seller, and is distributed to potential buyers by an M&A intermediary.

If you are in the market to buy a business, hiring an M&A intermediary will help you get the best deal for your dollar. Creating a strong buyer team is a good idea. However in order to ensure that the business of interest is everything that a seller says it is, we recommend that you hire other outside consultants to examine some of the most commonly overlooked ends of the business.

One of the biggest aspects of buying a business is the exchange of funds between the buyer and the seller. The most common form of payment for a company is cash, but there are other forms known as “consideration.” Consideration can be anything that a seller is willing to accept for compensation for the sale of their business.