Enticing Buyers with a Teaser

A teaser is a document created with the intent to give the buyer just enough information to entice him or her to learn more about a potential company. Most of the time, the teaser is an anonymous document created by the seller, and is distributed to potential buyers by an M&A intermediary.

While the teaser is a great tool to use for enticing buyers, it is always a good idea to have your M&A intermediary call the buyer first to gauge interest. This will help save time and will weed out buyers who are not interested. The teaser serves as an effective tool to slowly release information to the buyer instead of overloading them upfront. This will make it easier for a buyer to analyze the information about the company, and decide if it is right for them.

Making documents such as the teaser is only the start of successfully selling your business. The right valuations, access to buyers markets, and documentation greatly improve the amount and quality of potential buyers.