What is Strategic Options Analysis?

All business owners think about selling their business at one time or another. It could be due to hard economic times. 

Understanding a Strategic Options Analysis

A Strategic Options Analysis from George and Company can help you find the true value of your company, a business owner wanting to invest in something new, or an opportunity to merge with another company to increase revenue and profits.

Whether your business is in MA, CT, RI, VT or NH, George and Company will sell your business for the maximum dollar and the best terms.

Many business sellers don’t think about the fact that the terms of the sale can have a lot to do with the valuation and the net amount of dollars in your pocket after taxes. If a person seeking to sell their company wants all cash, we as brokers need to ascertain if the business has sufficient cash flow to support the debt service and leave room for working capital.

A George & Company Proprietary Tool

An important step in deciding if now is the right time to sell your business is to have a Strategic Options Analysis (SOA) performed by George and Company. The SOA, a proprietary tool of the George and Company team, combines the elements of:

  • Business appraisals
  • Financing templates
  • An analysis of the trends of the business and economy

The Strategic Options Analysis begins with a close look at your financial statements, adding back non-recurring and prerequisite expenses. This is critical because buyers and lenders expect that the tax returns be prepared to minimize taxes. Next, we will examine the company’s history, management markup, business selling market, past sales of similar companies, and other critical factors that will comprise your business’s value.

An Informed Judgment

Having a Strategic Options Analysis prepared allows you to make an informed judgment on whether or not to sell your business. If the market is prime for selling your business, the SOA can help you prepare assets that might increase the overall value. If there is little demand within the market for your business, a Strategic Options Analysis can help assess what is needed to help it sell in the future.

Selling a business can cause emotions to run high, but a Strategic Options Analysis can lead to a well informed and confident business seller. If you’re thinking about selling your business, George and Company will help determine your value, financing strategies, confidential marketing plan, pre-screening of potential buyers, handle offers and letters of intent, negotiate the deal to the closing table and ultimately put the largest check in your hand that the market place will yield.