The Changes to Taxes for Selling Off a Business Under Trump

Folder of business taxesIn a recent blog, we highlighted two reasons that selling a business off in the Trump presidency might be beneficial. One of those reasons was possible tax breaks on your personal taxes, as fewer taxes on your business (which means higher profits). Today we’re going to look further into Trump’s proposed tax changes, and what they can mean for selling a business in the upcoming year.

Personal Taxes

For personal taxes, there are currently six tax brackets, from 10% to 39.6%. Trump is proposing simplifying this to three brackets – 12%, 25%, and 33%. With fewer tax brackets and a lower maximum rate, this would mean an overall lower tax rate, especially if your income from selling your business today would bump you to a tax bracket above 33 percent. Trump also plans to cap itemized deductions at $200,000 for joint and $100,000 for single filings.

Capital Gains

The capital gains tax is a specter for almost anyone who is selling their business: a tax on a capital asset (such as an investment or real estate) whose worth when sold is higher than the purchase price. The rate of taxes is based on income brackets and length of ownership of the asset. Trump plans on keeping the current rates (0%, 15%, and 20%), as well as the same short and long term (under and over a year). So, no major changes here, except for which bracket you may fall into.

Business Taxes

One of the largest, and perhaps controversial, changes to the tax code is for businesses. Trump plans to slash corporate taxes from 35% to 15%. This includes business income to sole proprietors and individuals in LLCs and partnerships. Fewer business taxes means more profits, which leads to higher valuations and a better asking price. Keep in mind that Trump is also talking about eliminating most corporate tax breaks, which could affect you if you currently take advantage of any.

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