Selling a Business: The Correct Seller Perspective

Preparing to sell a business is the same as selling any other type of product or service.You want to prove the value of your business to your buyer or “customer.” Therefore in order to be effective in proving your business’s value you must be proactive.

Being a proactive seller allows you to avoid becoming the victim of a forced sale caused by unforeseen economic circumstances. As a seller, you want the best bid for your business. Not being proactive can cause undue stress which could ultimately compel you to consider lower bids.

Whether you are planning on selling a business in a year or five years, it is important to keep your business at a high value. Just like selling a home, it is a good idea to keep your equipment in top working order, add a coat of paint or two, and clean up clutter. This will help you present your business in the best light so you can maximize the value.

At George and Company we pride ourselves on being experts in selling a business. We understand that you’ve invested many dollars and hours of work into your business, and selling a business is a large financial undertaking. Our experience and expertise gives us the ability to negotiate the best price and terms for your business, as well as maintaining a high level of confidentiality so employees, vendors, competitors, creditors, etc. don’t find out until the time is right. Contact our team today for a no cost - no obligation confidential consultation.