Running Your Business During Due Diligence


It is of the utmost importance to continue running your business as if it weren’t in the process of being sold. Continue to pay the bills, make sales calls, buy supplies, and go on as if it is just another day at the office. Do not allow the business to be neglected during the due diligence process.


Balancing Business-as-Usual with Buyer Plans

However, if the seller is thinking about making large business decisions such as increasing overhead or hiring new executives, it would be in the best interest of your company to discuss these decisions with the buyer first.


Selling a business is a very sensitive process and keeping it business as usual is the best way to avoid complicating the process. If the seller informs employees of a potential sale that ends up falling through, the employees might begin to wonder why it fell through and lose trust in the business or the owner. During the due diligence process, keep in constant communication with the buyer and your M&A intermediary regarding any questions or concerns.


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