Preparing for Selling a Business

The thought of selling a business can materialize slowly over time, or can be a quick trigger by the approach of a potential buyer. Either way, selling a business requires preparation as much as years in advance. If you have considered selling a business, utilize the following tips to gauge if the M&A process will be beneficial to you.

Keep Everything in Order

Even if you are not planning on selling a business for a few years, it is always good practice to keep all documents in order. This way once a buyer examines your company, all of the information will be readily available. This will also speed up the due diligence process. Companies that are physically attractive and organized also attract buyers more than those hidden by a pile of un-catalogued documents.

Get a Valuation

Selling a business is difficult if you do not know how much it is worth. A business valuation will help you decide on an asking price for your company as well as help you get a handle on your market position. Remember, a business valuation is the most accurate way to determine the full value of your business. As a result, your business value might be higher or lower than you anticipated. Working with an M&A intermediary will allow you to address these issues.

Confide in Others

If you are looking to sell a family business, it is important to consult with your family on the issue. Or, if you are unsure about your feelings towards selling a business, those closest to you will be able to put things into perspective for you and judge your situation without the emotional attachment.

Continue to Grow Your Business

Just because you may be toying with the idea of selling a business, it is important to still put the same amount of effort into running it. No one will want to purchase a failing company. However, if a buyer can see that your company has a great track record, it will eradicate their concern that the business is being sold because it is no longer relevant.

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