Knowing Your Company’s Key Selling Points

To make your business more appealing to a potential buyer, highlight some of the selling points of your business. Every company has certain discrete values that differ from company to company and industry to industry. The following is a list of some key selling points that you should highlight in order to promote your company.

Vendor and Customer Relationships

If your company is one of the few businesses that can buy from a specific vendor, that is a selling point that you can mention in a teaser. For some buyers, quality of customers is more important than quantity  Either way, teasing buyers with the fact that you are close with your customers or that you serve several hundreds can be very beneficial selling points.

Revenue Recurrence and Growth

Telling a potential buyer that your business has a stable recurring revenue can help them feel more comfortable with potentially investing. A company doesn’t need to have 100 percent recurring revenue, but any amount is worth mentioning. A company with positive revenue also means growth, which can be music to a buyer’s ears.

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