How to Choose an M&A Intermediary


When making a business deal, it is important to choose an intermediary that you feel will get you the best price as well as listen to what you have to say. This being said, choosing an intermediary is like choosing a contractor—you cannot trust just anybody to do the job. Which is why you must research their credentials before you hire them.

Keep the following things in mind when looking for an M&A intermediary:


The most vital quality that your intermediary should possess is experience in the field. Be sure to hire someone with a background in the specific tasks that you wish them to perform. Try to find reviews of this person’s past work.


If you are going to be working with this person, you will want to like them. You cannot work with someone that you don’t get along with, so screen advisors for personality before you hire them. They should be confident and professional, as well as easy to get along with.


Oftentimes deals can reach a standstill when both sides cannot come to an agreement. This is when your intermediary should step in with some new ideas on how to resolve the situation. The intermediary should be willing to try new things and negotiate.

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