How is a Business Acquisition Financed?

George and Company’s associates are experts in the appraisal, sale and financing of small businesses. We know which lenders, both local and national, are the most aggressive at any given time. Many times, the seller will offer to finance the business acquisition. This generally suggests that the seller is comfortable with you and their business to carry this risk themselves.

Conventional Outside Financing

Conventional outside financing through banks and major small business lenders is typically available in over 70 percent of the businesses we represent. One of the benefits of conventional financing is that the term of the loan can be 10 or more years. Many buyers also like the fact that a lender won’t do the loan unless the business passes underwriting standards. This is like having a second set of eyes weighing the business opportunity prior to your purchase.

Business finance is always tricky, especially during the business brokerage phase. Let George & Company help you find the perfect business, as well as how to properly finance it. Contact us today.

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