How Complicated is it to Make an Offer to Buy a Business?

If you have decided to buy a business, you might want to spend time researching the type of business you want to buy, determine the financial commitment that is required to buy the business, and finally close on that business. But how complicated is making an offer when you want to buy a business?

We like to equate the offer process to that of buying a home. George and Company’s offer to purchase is preprinted to protect the interests of the buyer and seller alike. The offer has safeguards built in to allow you to feel 100% comfortable with your acquisition prior to the purchase.

Common contingencies to your offer will be:

Inspection of financial records to your complete satisfaction.

Obtaining financing at a term and rate that is satisfactory to you.

Obtaining a lease that is satisfactory.

Inspection of all the assets of the business to be acquired.

Obtaining all licenses and permits required to operate the business.

Discussions with key personnel to ensure that they will stay with you.

For more information or to ask any questions, contact one of our professional brokers today.