Avoiding IT Headaches During a Merger: Part Two

Given the important role that IT plays in most businesses these days, it is important to know the key areas to watch for when entering a merger or acquisition. We continue our tips on how to avoid IT headaches during a merger with three more important areas to keep an eye on.

Systems Analysis

A complete and thorough understanding / inventory of the systems you are going to acquire must be done. This will allow you to determine which systems you will ultimately end up using to run IT operations post-merger. Determine if it will be necessary to move systems from one location to another during the merger. It may be necessary for you to invest in a data center relocation service to assist with the move. Determine if you are buying a rat’s nest of confusing systems, or are you buying something to which you can hook your systems into easily.


More than likely IT resources will be stretched thin during the merger process. Prioritizing and creating a systematic approach will ensure that resources get deployed in the most effective way. Consider the business impact, ease of implementation and expected business benefit when considering requirements.

Create a Road Map

It’s always difficult to get somewhere if you don’t know where you’re going. Just like any other IT project a merger should have a project plan. Be sure to include sub-projects, detailed timelines, and contingency plans.

There’s no doubt that IT plays an ever-increasing role in any business these days. Implementing a successful merger is possible with proper planning and a lot of open communication. It’s imperative to prioritize and create a detailed plan when taking on a merger. Often times, IT resources are already stretched too thin before the merger. If this is the case consider hiring an outside company to assist you. You may consider assistance if you find your merger will require a data center relocation or data center consolidation. Often times, the new systems you acquire will be end-of-life or obsolete for your organization. There are companies that can help you with IT asset disposition (ITAD) or IT asset recycling.

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