Dental Practice Transition Specialist Manuela Gauthier

Manuela Gauthier guides her clients by bringing her own experience of owning five companies to the table. Her career started out in the dental field in her native country of Germany, where she worked in dental specialty offices.


With more than 25 years in the healthcare industry, Manuela is a results-driven professional who has gained experience in managing and owning businesses, leading sales, customer service, and business expansions.

After taking over a failing dental practice in 2004, she focused on the expansion of the business by creating new revenue streams through targeted marketing, strategic financial planning and the introduction of new product lines.


She credits her success to fostering the talent and collaboration within her dental team through sales training, systems improvement and building lasting relationships within the community. The small, $300,000 practice grew into a high-end, multiple location operation producing over $3 mil in revenue and a staff of 25. 


She combines her business expertise with direct knowledge of the medical and dental industry through her tenure in multiple dental practices. With her strong work ethic, self-motivated approach and dedicated to win-win outcome, she is committed to creating long-lasting relationships for all parties involved.


Manuela can’t extract wisdom teeth, but she can get you top dollar for your dental practice and will help you design a transition strategy for your expansion, transition or exit planning.


She can capably lead you through the selling or buying process and provide expert advice on the valuation of your existing business or practice.


“My goal is to provide solutions for my clients that provide the foundation for mutual long-term success.”