Understanding SBA and Additional Funding Options

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Trying to sort out how to borrow money from the SBA? We can help.

Need to borrow working capital for your business? We can help.

Wondering if your business is still sellable in today’s market? We can help.

For 40 years, George & Company has helped business owners get where they want to go. We understand what makes companies tick, what buyers and bankers are looking for and how to help business owners present their business in its best light. 

Our deal funding and financing experience puts us in a unique position to provide guidance and knowledge during these times.

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Learn More About George & Company Advisors Can Offer

  • Business Plan & Financial analysis
  • Business Turnaround Consulting
  • Preparing Financial packages for banks and lending institutions
  • Navigating the SBA lending process
  • Providing Business Valuations
  • Assisting with Strategic Acquisitions
  • Assisting with competitor buyouts
  • Confidentially Selling Businesses & Owner Retirement
  • Identifying Potential Buyers for businesses
  • Assist with Selling a business to an employee
  • Helping Package and Prepare a Business to be sold
  • Provide alternatives when navigating bankruptcy

If you're contemplating any of these options on your own, a confidential consultation with one of our advisors is worth the investment of your time.