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Business Exit Strategy - Start Planning Before You're Forced To Sell

There comes a time in every business owner’s life when it’s time to transfer ownership. Is now the right time? The majority of business owners wait until they are under compulsion to sell their business rather than planning ahead.

George & Company can assist you in determining if it's time to make that decision.

Here’s a list of 10 critical questions to ask yourself:

  • Have I picked out the chair I’ll be sitting in when a new owner takes mine?
  • Is there a qualified acquisition candidate within my organization?
  • Do I know what my company is worth?
  • Will I have enough money (after taxes) to retire on?
  • Am I serious about selling or was it just a bad day/week?
  • Are my books and records in good order?
  • Do I have solid middle management?
  • Do all the broker’s letters I’ve been receiving really represent a buyer or are they just marketing mail?
  • Will my company be performing better next year?
  • Would I sell if I knew the process would maintain total confidentiality?

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Is It Time to Start Planning Your Business Exit Strategy?

If you answered YES to at least half of these questions we should talk!

George & Company has developed a proprietary Strategic Options Analysis that has assisted hundreds of business owners over the last 36 years. Whether you’re a small Main Street retailer or a multi-million dollar business, we should talk. Our main street brokerage has been selling small businesses for over 36 years. Our Merger & Acquisition division has represented IPC Information Systems (Nasdaq - IPC), Global Crossing (GC) and many other publicly held companies. Because of our expertise and wide marketing network, we recently sold a private manufacturer appraised at $19.5M by DeLoitte Touche for $36M CASH!

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