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Exit Strategy Planning

How you exit your business will be one of the most important decisions of your business life.

You’ve spent years carefully planning for the growth of your business. How much time and consideration have you given to what happens after you leave?

The number one reason business exits fail is due to a lack of planning on the part of the owner.  Most business owners are reactive and "forced" to sell because of burnout, health issues, marital problems, or business conditions without having the time to prepare. As a result, many business owners exit their companies at the worst time possible.

Your exit plan is just as important as other parts of your business plan. No one plan fits everyone's needs but a well-developed process, planned well ahead of it’s actual execution, helps ensure each part of the exit plan is identified, discussed and included in the plan.


Every business owner should have a succession and exit plan to ensure the survival and continued growth of the business.


According to a recent Exit Planning Institute survey of business owners:


  • 76% plan to transition their business within the next 10 years
  • 83% have no transition plan, or don’t know if they will sell to an internal or external buyer
  • 40% do not have a plan that covers a forced exit (illness, death, etc.)


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