Professional Services

The professional services industry is made up of multiple subsectors, such as Architectural and Engineering Firms, Financial/Legal Services, and Consulting Firms. Over the last five years, the demand has grown dramatically among each subsector, generating a combined annual growth of more than 25%. Increases in nonresidential and residential construction result in an increased need for architectural design services.


George & Company has a focus on the professional services industry. It is clear that the desire for high-value services has grown, but the updates in technology have also had a direct effect on the capabilities of each subsector.


Whether due to retirement, new partnerships, or business growth, we understand the importance of a well-managed transition process.


Why George & Company?

  • We have nearly four decades of expertise & experience
  • Our certified business appraisers and team of analysts will examine up to 8 appraisal metrics to ensure a valuation you can bank on.
  • We’ve helped our clients buy, sell and appraise hundreds of businesses.


We are the region’s premier business brokers. Not only do we get results for our clients, but we demonstrate a clear grasp of the sale process and an intuitive sense in business negotiations.