Dental Practice Sales

The dental industry has grown consistently over the last five years and furthermore, the industry as a whole is currently receiving more health insurer reimbursements than ever before. This is solely driven by patients having greater access to insurance coverage as a result of healthcare reform. Consequently, profitability for clinics continues to improve.

George and Company is focused on the dental industry to ensure that our processes and services are tailored specifically to dental practices. The transition is done with complete assessment and most importantly, confidentiality. For nearly 40 years, George and Company has been the facilitator between buyer and seller, resulting in thousands of successful transactions.

Manuela Gauthier, Managing Director and Dental Practice Transition Specialist, has more than 25 years in the healthcare industry. A results-driven professional, she has gained experience in managing and owning businesses, leading sales, customer service, and business expansions. She combines her business expertise with direct knowledge of the medical and dental industry through her tenure in multiple offices. Strong work ethic, self-motivated and dedicated to win-win outcome creating lasting relationships for all parties involved.