Is it time to think about transitioning or selling your dental practice?

The short answer to that question is always – Yes!


No matter where you are in your career as a practice owner, you should always have a planned exit strategy.


The dental industry has grown consistently over the last five years and furthermore, the industry as a whole is currently receiving more health insurer reimbursements than ever before. This is solely driven by patients having greater access to insurance coverage as a result of healthcare reform. Consequently, profitability for clinics continues to improve.

Selling Your Dental Practice

Whether you’re ready to sell, just beginning to investigate the process, or somewhere in between -- the first step is to talk with someone who understands your situation.


Manuela has worked with dentists throughout the country to help them navigate what can be a complex sales process.  Throughout, she provides guidance and counsel that go beyond just finding the right buyer and negotiating the best price.  She works with client to make sure all of their needs are met.  That process starts with an initial, free confidential consultation.

What is Your Dental Practice Worth?

For a variety of reasons, knowing what your dental practice is worth is important.


A dental practice valuation or appraisal gives you a timely assessment of what your practice is worth in the current market to help you:


  • Set your asking price when you are ready to sell
  • Prepare for Associate or Partner Buy-In
  • Determine your plan for Practice Continuance
  • Assign value in the event of partner transition or estate planning


A valuation is more than just a straight formula. It requires an expertise built on years of experience.

At George & Company, we have a team of experienced and certified appraisers that put the experience of thousands of appraisals to work for you.

Options Other Than a Sale

While you are still fully invested in your business and selling isn’t in your plans just yet, there are other options for transition: partnerships and associateships.


Dental practice associates are non-owner dentists without a vested interest – hired either as employees or as independent contractors. 


Dental practice partners have a vested, ownership interest in the dental practice, because they are buying a percentage of the valuation of the practice.